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Why Diverse Books Matter

All children need to see themselves in the books they read. Children are impacted when they feel left out and those negative feelings often have lasting effects into adulthood. Books serve as windows for young readers, enabling them to glance into the lives of other children, who live different experiences. Also, when a child sees themselves in the books they read, it builds confidence and helps make them feel validated. 

The Series

‘The Amazing Zoe’ series answers the urgent call for more diversity in children’s literature. The content and illustrations appropriately demonstrate harmonious multiculturalism, more of the way in which we wish to see the world. The poignant storylines consist of educational opportunities for boys and girls ages 4-8 yrs. The stories uniquely delve into everyday ‘real-life’ topics such as hygiene, health & safety, friendship, nature and various social issues, to humanize the experiences of children of colour. After reading any book from this series, you and your child(ren) will enjoy insightful, thought-provoking conversations that are perfect for the classroom or family time at home.

I’m excited to offer fun and interactive virtual author visits for groups of 10, or more to share The Amazing Zoe stories. Stop by the ‘Author Visits’ page to learn more.


On February 17th, Canada celebrated National #ireadcanadianday – a time when Canadian authors are highlighted for their contribution to our literary culture, and when fellow Canadians are encouraged to support their work.

Here is a message from the Mayor of Mississauga, Bonnie Crombie. She is sharing the importance of diverse and inclusive children’s literature while giving a special shout-out to ‘The Amazing Zoe’.

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About Me! Mother Founder Author

Thank you for stopping by, I’m Valene!

What do I do? I facilitate early antiracism intervention (K-6th grade) through diverse literature and solution-based actionable processes, that nurture inclusive future leaders. 

I wear many hats, however, being a mother to my little girl is my single, most vital role. My daily mission is to show her love, nurture her natural abilities and help create environments where she is reminded that she matters. Creating inclusive spaces is a collective effort, and is a necessary conversation for early readers through stories like ‘The Amazing Zoe’.

I’d like to emphasize the actual theme of diversity doesn’t always need to be a focal point, yet can be demonstrated by simply including visual representation to show children there are many different kinds of people in our beautiful world. 

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Transforming Classrooms Around the World

My grade one virtual class read this book and it was a huge hit! They loved the storyline and learned valuable lessons about empathy, forgiveness and kindness. It served as an excellent discussion starter on racism and skin colour. Ms. Valene visited our classroom and captivated the students with her energy and enthusiasm for writing. We can’t wait to read about The Amazing Zoe’s next. adventure!
Valene read this story to our school and the students (grades K-5) were so engaged! Fantastic book about inclusion, educating people of ALL ages and showcasing that representation matters! Can’t wait for more stories to come! A must-buy!
Validates young black children’s battle with identity, and self-esteem.
This was a fun, educational and inspiring book that has a wonderful message for the reader. As a class, we had the pleasure of having Valene visit our virtual classroom and speak to the students about the positive messages in the book. I highly recommend the books and having Valene come for an Author visit to your class! The students will be engaged and inspired!

The Amazing Zoe

By Valene Campbell

A Celebration of Diversity in Children’s Literature
The Amazing Zoë: A Queen Like Me. Is a must-read!!! My students thoroughly enjoyed the book. It demonstrates respect, kindness and is definitely needed during these times. Teachers this book will definitely start some important discussions around equality!
Awesome book with great history and information
An amazing book for children of all ages, but particularly those in grades K-3. My students absolutely loved it and it raised so many interesting discussions and conversations about the similarities and differences we all have. Valene Campbell took the very big ideas of racism and wrote in a way that children could really wrap their minds around. She visited our classroom virtually to discuss her book and brought so much joy and energy! I would highly recommend this book to parents and educators!
As an educator, I must say I truly enjoyed this book. It is very imperative that black history is taught in public schools. This book raises awareness about stereotypes that exist today. I am so glad Zoe learned that there are Princesses that look just like her.

Parents and Teachers!

If you are seeking creative ways to introduce diversity into classroom or home, you have found the right place. You will find corresponding lesson plans and a variety of activities that enhance the message of each ‘Amazing Zoe’ story. Zoe will help children learn practical life-skills that encourage emotional health, social awareness and will help them on a path toward becoming well-rounded, compassionate adults. Get your FREE resources here!